Mikimation is an animation and art studio, dedicated to helping individuals and brands, tell their stories, through entertaining animation videos, and appealing art.

With over 10 years of experience and countless of clients and projects, we aim to provide a suited project for each client, matching art style to the brand and their product, while making sure that their animated video will not go unnoticed.

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Full production

We will take care of all the production needs to create the perfect animated video that suits your needs. We will give special attention for each step of the production process and ensure a fun and appealing video in every aspect.


Combining the information that you will give us, with our storytelling expertise, we will write a script that will be both informative and fun for the target audience.

Art and Design

Background art, character design, elements and screen, you name it! We will create breathtaking art that will ensure that viewers attention.


Every elaborate project requires good planning. We will provide a storyboard that both we and you could see the flow of the video’s narrative.


This is where the magic happens. The art comes to life into a fun and inspiring video.

Voice Acting

Either narration, or dub for the character, you will get the best professional voice actors for your animated video.

Sound Design

With the right music to set the exact mood your video needs to convey, and dramatic sound effects, your animation will not go unnoticed.

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